General Info

The growing population of this holiday destination Forster / Tuncurry welcomes holiday makers to the area. We love the atmosphere and vibrancy that such an influx brings to the town particularly during the school holidays.   Forster / Tuncurry consists of two towns joined by a single bridge spanning Wallis Lake.  The area’s history can be traced to the timber and fishing industries and whilst oysters are still a dominant industry for the Wallis Lake system the predominant sources of income for the area now comes from tourism and retirement.

The F/T Uniting Church congregation is made up of one worshipping community which has two worship centres.  Sunday worship is conducted in the Forster worship centre whilst the Tuncurry centre is being utilised for both church meetings and hiring to the broader community.  Sunday worship includes elements of both traditional and contemporary worship, with multi media formats regularly used.

In addition to structured worship services both in our church, aged care centres and the Pacific Palms Community Centre, we are part of the wider community and are very much involved in all aspects of it’s life.  Whether this involves sport, service clubs, or volunteering for many community groups, we as a congregation understand that it is only through being in the community and beside our fellow residents that we can live out and share the good news of God’s love.

Forster / Tuncurry is currently lead by lay pastor Geoff Battle.

Mission Statement:

Seeking to be Christ's Presence within the Community and Beyond



36 Macintosh Street, Forster, NSW - corner of Lake Street.

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Service and Activity Times


  • Sunday Services, 9:00am weekly.
    • Communion: 1st Sundays

Pacific Palms

  • Sunday Services, 5:00pm 2nd Sundays
    • Pacific Palms Community Centre, The Lakes Way, Pacific Palms

Aged Care Services

  • Sunrise Supported Living:  9.15am 3rd Thursday
    • Location: 11A Chapmans Road Tuncurry
  • Services are held in conjunction with the local Minister’s Association at:
    • GLAICA, Tuncurry
    • Estia Health, Tuncurry
    • Golden Ponds, Forster

Other Activities

  • Adult Fellowship: 3rd Wednesday each month at Tuncurry commencing at 1.30pm
  • Men’s Social Evenings: Monthly at various venues
  • Care and Share Ladies Bible Study: 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings each month commencing at 7.30pm
  • Men’s Bible Study: 2nd and 4th Wednesday evening each month commencing at 7.30pm
  • Meals on Wheels Volunteering: one Monday each month
  • Tuncurry Campus School canteen volunteering: First and second Tuesdays each month
  • Gentle Exercise Classes: Each Tuesday at Forster Church Commences 8.30am

Our premises at both Forster and Tuncurry are hired out to many community groups as well as private art classes, Thai Chi and exercise groups. 

The welfare arm of the Uniting Church, Uniting, conducts a pre school age programme for children and their parents Called “Hippy” at the Forster church every second Thursday during the school term.


Contact Details

  • Pastoral: Geoff Battle
    • Phone: 6555 8573
  • Property Hiring: Marie Battle
    • Phone: 6555 7273
  • Church Office: